Final update: October 12, 1998 Number of voters: 169
 Top 30 Demo Groups
1. Pulse810
2. The Black Lotus (TBL)416
3. Orange304
4. Byterapers227
5. Doomsday190
6. TPOLM139
7. Fudge118
8. Trauma116
9. Future Crew108
10. Acme107
11. Matrix98
12. CNCD89
13. Halcyon78
14. Complex70
15. Bomb69
16. Purple61
17. Cubic/Seen54
18. Haujobb51
19. COMA46
20. Quad43
21. Psychic Link41
22. Nooon32
23. MFX28
24. Cryonics23
25. Rage22
26. Vista20
27. Melon17
29. Valhalla14
30. Kolor13

Looks about right to me - this is one of the more "solid" charts here. Old habits seem to die hard though, as Triton, Valhalla, and yes, FC remain.

 Top 40 Demos
1. Square (Pulse)387
2. 303 (Acme)265
3. Sunflower (Pulse)258
4. Tribes (Pulse/Melon)240
5. The Fulcrum (Matrix)221
6. Hyperventilation (Byterapers)219
7. Boost (Doomsday)176
8. Second Reality (Future Crew)125
9. Astral Blur (The Black Lotus)106
10. Plastik (Purple)98
11. Robotnik (Rage)95
12. Saint (Halcyon)92
13. Inside (CNCD)74
14. Toasted (Cubic & Seen)72
15. Megablast (Orange)65
16. Stars (Nooon)64
17. Gateways (Trauma)63
18. Machines of Madness (Dubius)60
19. Squeezed (Nomad/Bomb)58
20. 73 Million Seconds (Pulse)42
21. TE-2RB (TPOLM)40
22. The Secret Life of Mr. Black (Orange)39
23. Contrast (Oxygene)32
24. Checkpoint (SDI/Obnoxious)25
25. Elektroniks (Doomsday)24
26. Misguided (Haujobb)22
Super Television (Orange)22
28. Loco (Cryonics)21
Tour (Pulse)21
30. Fantasy World (Poison)20
Sexadelic (Byterapers)20
32. Louis Lane (Blasphemy)19
33. Dope (Complex)18
34. Dis (Mandula)17
Juice (Psychic Link)17
Three Little Goats (Moppi Productions)17
37. Memories (Superstition)16
Paimen (COMA)16
Shad (Cocoon)16
Vortex (Mewlers)16

This one also looks pretty good. It seems up to date, although it took some weeks before some ASM'98 entries popped in their heads. Recent demos like Hyperventilation and Plastik seem to be voted based on "pop" status (I'm not saying they don't deserve to be here, though).

 Top 30 64k Intros
1. Stash (The Black Lotus)620
2. Paper (Psychic Link)423
3. Jizz (The Black Lotus)279
4. Clone Meets Clone (Acme/Fudge)319
5. Bjor (TPOLM)135
6. Kill the Clone (Fudge)93
7. Drain (Vista)88
8. Drift (Wild Light)81
9. Lithium (Vista)78
10. Lasse Reinbong (Cubic/Seen)61
11. Deesbab (Orange)59
12. Pager-11 (Fudge)58
13. Erratic (Quad)54
14. Transgression 2 (MFX)53
15. Blind (Eufrosyne)50
16. Sink (Pulse)48
17. You am I, You am the Robot (Orange)46
18. Licht (Haujobb)43
19. Photon (Purple)32
20. Final Isi (PWP)26
21. The Sea Robot of Love (Orange)24
22. Spotlight (Funk)21
23. Cyboman 2 (Complex)18
Nation Zero 2 (Jamm)18
25. Theta (Quad)18
26. Andalucia (Halcyon)16
27. Cartoon (Mist)14
Cyboman (Complex)14
We Go (Complex)14
30. Impact 2 (Mewlers)12
Oxygen (Coral)12

This chart isn't quite so good as the demo charts. Quite a few good intros were overlooked, in favor of compo winners. More than half of these top 30 intros are from Finland. Do only Finns make good intros, or do the rest just not know who to vote for? I think it's the latter.

 Top 15 4k Intros
1. Omniscient (Sanction)410
2. Animate (Schwartz)186
3. Heaven (Nooon)121
4. Mesha (Rhyme)110
5. Helium (Viznut)95
6. Spin (Index)70
7. Outline (Exact)66
8. Shapeshifter (Chrome)63
9. Pure Spirit (Spirit New Style)60
10. Little Big Demo (Sanction)41
11. Lisa (Ethos 9)34
12. Void (Kolor/Riot)30
13. Magic Carpet 4k (DNA)27
14. The Dream (Spirit New Style)24
15. Little Big Demo 2 (Sanction)23

This chart disappoints me. There are far more than 15 good 4k intros out there, I just don't think people appreciate them as much as they should. I guess optimization is a lost artform with today's hardware.

 Top 40 Coders
1. Statix656
2. Unreal (Pulse)380
3. Nix (The Black Lotus)174
4. Jmagic (Complex)154
5. Mr. Sex (Byterapers)147
6. MRI (Doomsday)116
7. Echo (Fudge)110
8. Jace (The Black Lotus)100
9. Pascal85
10. Digisnap (Matrix)66
11. PSI (Future Crew)63
12. Tran57
13. Dune (Orange)55
14. Hoplite (Orange)50
Tremor (Trauma)50
16. Galvados (Orange)46
17. Kombat (Immortals)35
18. Sharon (Matrix)30
19. Viznut (PWP)26
Shiva (Kolor)26
21. Karl (Nooon)24
22. Craft (Fudge)23
23. Virne (COMA)21
24. Hellfire (Haujobb)20
Skal (Bomb)20
Submissive (Seen)20
27. Sarix (Quad)18
28. Camel (Pulse)17
Vipa (Purple)17
30. Barti (Nooon)16
31. 216 (MFX)15
Mrock (Hellcore)15
Picard (Rhyme)15
34. Doom (Doomsday)14
35. Blitz (Halcyon)13
36. MRZ (Astroidea)12
Sol (Trauma)12
Suckho (Eufrosyne)12
39. Sagacity (Quad)11
40. (countless ties..)10

Well, it's good to see so many coders voted for, but perhaps some were overrated compared to others. I'm surprised Tran is rated so high - most his demos were made before many of the current demosceners even discovered demos. A few coders seem too have gotten votes based on their #coders presence and what they did outside of actually coding, such as tutorials. I'm glad to see at least a couple 4k intro coders on the list (Picard & Mrock).

 Top 40 Musicians
1. Dune (Orange)305
2. Necros (Five Musicians)275
3. Scorpik (Pulse)156
4. Mellow-D (Five Musicians/TPOLM)131
5. Radix (Analogue Music/TPOLM)126
6. Falcon (Pulse)112
Purple Motion (Future Crew)112
8. Vic (Acme)102
9. WAVE (Five Musicians)92
10. Skaven (Future Crew)90
11. Jogeir (Pulse)79
12. Hunz (Analogue Music/Five Musicians)67
13. Probe (The Black Lotus)63
14. Yolk (CNCD/Byterapers)59
15. Groo (CNCD/COMA)58
16. Lizardking (The Black Lotus)55
17. Elwood52
18. Muffler (Haujobb)45
19. Swallow (Doomsday)43
20. Croaker (Halcyon/TPOLM)37
21. !Cube (Trauma)34
22. Keith303 (Radical Rhythms/TDR)33
23. Djamm (Nomad)32
24. KB (Purge)31
25. Sonic (Destiny)30
26. Mystical (Purple)27
27. Legend (CNCD/Byterapers)26
Jugi (Complex)26
29. Basehead (Five Musicians)23
30. Carebear (Orange)22
Zodiak (Cascada)22
32. Illusion (Doomsday)21
33. Shad (Pulse)20
34. Clawz (Bomb)16
Loonie (Night 55)16
Steffo (Cryonics)16
37. Stereoman (NOISE)14
Ronny (Teklords)14
39. G-Day (Quad)13
40. Jisemdu (Dance)12
Metal (Vibrants)12
Siren (Juni Music)12
Tito (Cryonics)12

A decent chart - but again, many skilled musicians were underrated or overlooked, in favor of musicians for well known demos/intros. Still, many music-only groups have some presence on this list. All Five Musicians lasted on the charts, with Mellow-D (or "md" as he calls himself nowadays) shooting up a bit the past month - an anomaly, but justified with a recent musicdisk release. What is Elwood doing in the top 20? I'm not sure. Siren bears the honor of being the head musician behind an obscure little Epic game called Unreal. Dune and Necros were neck to neck from the beginning - maybe it was a matter of taste, or was it geography?

 Top 30 Graphics Artists
1. Lazur (Pulse)568
2. Made (Bomb)482
3. Danny (The Black Lotus)249
4. Haplo (Pulse)160
5. Visualize (Pulse)120
6. Pixel (Future Crew)118
7. Ra (Nooon)105
8. Louie (CNCD)100
9. Der Piipo (Orange)59
10. Thor (TPOLM)52
11. Feather (TPOLM)51
12. Antony (Pulse)48
13. Peachy (Haujobb)30
14. Destop (CNCD)28
15. Rendall (Astroidea)26
16. Nero (Matrix)21
17. Aap (Acme)20
Mod (Numb)20
19. Marvel (Future Crew)19
20. Cyclone (Abyss)18
21. Sunday (Proxima/TPOLM)17
22. Alex (Melon)16
Java (Cryonics)16
24. Greenpix7 (Universe)14
Mike (Byterapers)14
26. Goblin (Quad/Xtatic)13
27. Beast (Astroidea)12
Damaq (Doomsday)12
Saffron (The Black Lotus)12
Seth (Fudge)12

Here's the chart Thor/TPOLM complained about, but he's been put back just for kicks ;). It's not quite as good as the coder/musician charts, but one definitely can't argue that more attention is paid to artists on the PC now than was 3 years ago. Times have changed - I remember when Zebig/Speed topped Imphobia for several issues and now you can't even find his name on the top 30 :). Some people (e.g. Goblin, Greenpix7 & Sunday) seem to have received votes based on #pixel presence and 30 minute compo entries. Before you go complaining of the Future Crew presence, bear in mind Pixel and Marvel both had entries at Assembly '98.

 Top 20 Scene Mags
1. Imphobia473
2. Hugi254
3. DemoNews198
4. Shine149
5. Pain102
6. Insight94
7. Orange Juice78
8. Daskmig72
9. Scenial68
10. TraxWeekly62
11. Fleur44
12. Restless40
13. Defcon38
14. Cream35
15. Hirmu Lehti34
16. Armor of Gods22
17. Cheese21
18. Beam20
20. TUHBzine18

A disappointment. On the good side, there were about 30-40 different PC mags voted for, but on the bad side, most of them have not been released for over a year. Those mags which were active at all in the last year, like Hugi and Pain, were rewarded with high positions. I created this chart, like the 4k intro chart, in an attempt to encourage competition and more frequent releases among mag makers. At one point, it seemed to succeed, with promises of new mags and comebacks of several old ones - but the majority of those fell through. I do not like to blame anyone, though - after all, with WWW-based news sites updateable on a weekly basis or more, the concept of a diskmag seems less desirable. Although, of course, news was only a tiny bit of a diskmag's contents, but I need not ramble.