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FreePack DOS extender by Narech Koumarby Supernar Systems Intl.
Catalogged: 25 Aug 1997
Size: 520,938
Download: web ftp scene.org
Another DOS extender option. I didn't test this for usefulness. I doesn't look any more difficult to learn to use than Adam Seychell's (sp?) Dos32 or Thomas Pytel/Charles Scheffold's Pmode/w. How well it functions is another story. Full documentation available. Comes with a tetris clone presumeably made using the extender. No source.

Dos extender by Supernar Systems Intl.
Catalogged: 30 Jun 1998
Size: 606,774
Download: web ftp scene.org
Very good dos extender, also extends the most popular mouse and vesa functions.